The rivers, lakes and sources in Merkinė area

Aldona Baubinienė

The ice-marginal valley formed in the area of Merkinė by a melting glacier is notable for the Nemunas River cutting thick beds of glaciofluvial sand and flowing down its channel with stone shoals and islands accumulated at a bend where the town of Merkinė stands, the Merkys River falling into the Nemunas, as well as smaller tributaries with deep expressive valleys and cold waters.

The depressions across the terraced plain of Nemunas contain more than 30 lakes larger than 0.5 ha.

The main objectives of the investigation were to assess the unique character of the Merkinė are due to its sand soils prevailing, large forest areas and abundant groundwater discharge, as well as to reveal changes which took place after general amelioration of the area.

The investigations have been based on the analysis of maps compiled at different dates and expedition material with descriptions of the situations, as well as the examination of literary sources.