The mills in the environs of Pašvitinys in the 19th c. and the first half of the 20th c.

Eligijus Juvencijus Morkūnas

The article deals with the mills in the area of Pašvitinys and describes types and, development of the mills, construction materials, pollution, sanitary and work protection issues, as well as designs and designers. The sources are reviewed and geographical peculiarities are also defined in it.

The article is illustrated with designs, plans, drawings, reconstructions and measurements of the mills. A conclusion is made that the mills in the area studied were mainly wind-mills. The post mills had been gradually replaced by smock mills, and the steering poles by wind-rose turbines; additional motors were more and more often used as well. New motor mills were being constructed. A detailed description of more than 20 wind mills has been presented in the article.