Užpaliai religious monuments

Jolanta Zabulytė

For the first time the paper presents a comprehensive discussion on the religious monuments in the area of Užpaliai, i.e., cast, forged or tubular metal crosses, wooden pillar crosses (a post with a roof) and pillared shrines (shrine posts), their modern interpretations as well as wooden crosses. The religious monuments are studied in the aspect of their historical development: from the oldest specimens (mid- and end-19th century) to the latest monuments. Their shape, decoration motives are analysed, tables of chiselled cross decorations and stone pedestal forms are given. The investigations done enabled to conclude that the olden monuments in the Užpaliai area reflect the features typical of the East Aukštaitija regions and the Utena land. The monuments erected after the second half of the 20th century specifically extend the former traditional forms and illustrate the tendencies in the modern cross-crafting in Lithuania.