Degučiai church ornaments and other outfits

Gabija Surdokaitė

The past ornaments of the Degučiai church are reconstructed in the article and those survived are described. Of liturgical clothes, there are three cappas remained from the end-19th c.–beginning-20th c. However, the set of liturgical vessels reflects the applied art from the church construction period and soon after it. There are three chalices dated as the 1820s in the Degučiai church. The third quarter of the 18th c. ciborium with the arms of the church sponsors Billewiczs on its lid distinguishes itself from the art standpoint. The 3D composition of the arms on the ciborium lid is a very rare phenomenon in Lithuania. There are also two reliquaries created in different time periods as well as other accessories kept in the church.

The Degučiai parish members and its priests managed to preserve the liturgical accessories. By now, the core of the set is formed of five chalices, a ciborium, a monstrance, two reliquaries and a paten used when visiting the sick people. The set of liturgical vessels formed during the centuries in the Degučiai church does not only reflect the parish history and the development of applied arts in Lithuania, but also represents the style forms of different periods.