The coat of arms of Baisogala

Edmundas Rima

Baisogala obtained the free town rights and its arms from Stanislaw August the Grand Duke of Lithuania on 10 November 1791. The coat of arms portrays two symbols. The first one, taken from a heraldry of noblemen, is a horseshoe and a bird sitting on it with a ring in its beak. The second symbol is the Eye of Providence that had been an ideological symbol of the Four-Year Sejm of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth in 17881792 when Lithuanian towns got their self-governance rights and arms, as well as, very likely, an attribute of the Baisogala Trinity Church rebuilt recently. In mid-1792, due to changes in political situation, Baisogala had lost its town rights and the arms. Although at the start of the 20th century, the official coat of arms of Baisogala had been resurrected from oblivion by Tadas Daugirdas and other authors, which had issued special post-cards, the official revival of the Baisogala coat of arms took place only in 1992, that is 200 years after it had been repealed.