Narrative folklore features in the environs of Baisogala


Jūratė Šlekonytė


The genre variety of narrative folklore created by Baisogala region people is discussed in the article. Comparing works preserved in olden manuscripts with the data collected during a recent expedition, we have revealed the changes in the repertoire and distinguished the most typical features of the narrative folklore spread in the Baisogala Valsčius

The comparison showed certain changes in the narrative folklore genre repertoire. So, sagas and beliefs prevailed in the expedition records, but there were few fairy-tales, although everyday stories were more popular (especially abut gypsies). The manuscript material witnesses that a good sort fairy storytellers, who knew many fairy tales and everyday stories, used to live in the region. Many works fixed during the expedition are found in the manuscripts as well. Thus, the folklore tradition, although rather flagged, is still alive. The material discussed enable to form a rather full picture about the beliefs, world-view and general life of the people in the Baisogala region.