Myxomycetes in the forest of Biržų Giria

Gražina Adamonytė

A preliminary data on species diversity of myxomycetes (Mycetozoa, slime molds) in the forest of Biržų Giria is presented. The material has been collected in 2005 in the Latveliai Botanical Reserve (LBD) and Biržai Forest Botanical Reserve (BGBD), as well as in the ash stands of the following forestries: Latveliai (Section 425), Būginiai (Section 298) and Tamošiūnai (Section 110). In total, 40 myxomycete species have been recorded. Physarum diderma has been recorded for the first time and Echinostelium arboreum has been recorded for the second time in Lithuania. Both of these species were found in BDGB. The highest numbers of myxomycetes have been found in protected forest areas (BGBD and LBD).