Daujėnai area place names

Veronika Adamonytė

The place names (names of dwelling places, water bodies and land units) collected mainly before the World War II in the area of Daujėnai have been presented and analyzed in the present work. They are grouped according to the type of their formation, at the same time indicating their possible base word (etymon). The investigations of the place names of this poorly studied area show that the names of dwelling places originate mainly from personal names in a form of pluralia tantum. This indicates a close relationship of the place names with the names of persons, who lived in a certain place. Names of water bodies and land units have often fallen into the group of proper words during the toponimisation without acquiring additional means of formation, with more often being compound and composite toponyms, which should be treated as newer ones. Unlike the names of the dwelling places, moreover, the etymons of water bodies and land units are significantly more often linked to common words (more than two thirds of cases).