Vincentas Daugėla Narbutas who was fond of the 19th c. history

Adam Stankevič

The article deals with the 19th c. intellectual Vincentas Daugėla Narbutas that was beyond recall, and up to now his historiography contained only sparse and often false facts of his life.

The study enabled to reveal many new moments of his life–family, youth, studies, official career, marriage–but the main consideration was shown for the period of the 1840s, when he was the keeper of the archives of the Supreme Tribunal of Lithuania. Thus, the specificity of this sphere of his activities has been revealed in our study. The presentation of other works done by Narbutas at that time, i.e., participation in the activities of the provisional Vilnius Achaeography Commission, publication of a collection about the historical sources of Vilnius and other bigger towns of Lithuania, as well as proof reading of the Bychowiec Chronicle known also as the Lithuanian Chronicle is given. But, the main thing is that his contribution into the historiography of the Supreme Tribunal of Lithuania has been revealed. The list of the Supreme Tribunal judges of the 16th-18th c. and other officials compiled by him has no analogue in Lithuania. Moreover, his paper prepared about this institution enables to name him the pioneer of such studies and to move the date back by at least half a century. His personal features and activities are to be studied further, and the paper about the Supreme Tribunal of Lithuania should be critically prepared and published as a historiography monument.