Birds and their habitats in Jieznas Environs


Jurgis Stašaitis, Žydrūnas Preikša


Ornithological research was carried out in Jieznas Neighbourhood (Prienai District), which is characteristic of diverse and mosaic landscape: arable land, grassland, woods, lakes, rivers and streams, as well as many villages.

The research was conducted in 1997, 2002, 2004 and 2005. As a result, the following data were obtained: (1) the diversity of bird species was determined; (2) the density of open habitat birds per 10 ha was estimated; (3) the number of corncrakes was recorded; and (4) the inventory of white storks hatching in northern part of the neighbourhood was made. Furthermore, both the territories and their avifauna were thoroughly investigated. Lake Kašonis, which is gradually turning into a quagmire, with the wetlands around it, appeared to be of considerable interest to the authors as abundant waterfowl, seven species of which are included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania, was found to populate it.

Therefore, the authors recommend that Lake Kašonis and its surrounding wetlands should be granted the status of a protected area.