Wooden crosses in Jieznas environs

Jolanta Zabulytė

The article deals with the wooden crosses in Jieznas environs, as well as their shape and standing sites. The author distinguished the types of wooden crosses according to their shape and elements from the villages of Pelekonys, Subuva, Pikelionys, Nibriai, Anglininkai and Jieznas town old cemetery. The conclusions made lay emphasis on the following specific features of the wooden crosses: (1) decoration with rays and relief ornamentation, (2) a variety in profiling of the cross arms, and (3) use of decorative cast iron. These features show that majority of crosses made in 1980-1990s in Jieznas environs partly follow the traditions of the end of the 19th c. and the first half of the 20th c. The other monuments are made as interpretation of traditional forms.