The fights of partisans in Stakliškės Valsčius (1944 -1953)

Darius Juodis

The first armed partisan groups in Stakliškės Valsčius appeared in the autumn of 1944. Later they merged with other similar groups into bigger armed bodies. The fighters of three partisan districts–Dainava, Didžioji Kova (Great Battle) and Tauras–operated in Stakliškės Valsčius. The most active fighters were from the Margis group of the Dzūkai corps in the Dainava district. 

The Soviet side having its military advantage tried to suppress the resistance almost for 8 years. There were no big battles between the partisans and the Soviets. The operations against small partisan groups were organised by the Soviet security forces. In some cases, special Soviet agents used to kill partisan leaders.

Partisans fought not only against the Soviet militaries; they also cautioned local Soviet officials, so-called stribai (liquidators), Soviet activists and persons suspect of spying for the Soviets. During the armed struggle period, some of them were “erased” by partisans.