Derivation of toponyms in Kriukai Valsčius in the first half of the 20th century

Nerija Jodelienė

The derivation of toponyms in Kriukai Valsčius is analysed in the present article. The singularity of this region is presented through one layer of proper names–toponyms and their derivation. In 1935 all toponyms were collected in Kriukai Valsčius by teachers of primary schools. The collection was performed under the initiative of the State Committee for Archaeology of the Lithuanian Education Ministry.

Initially, the following subgroups of toponyms were separated: (1) oikonyms, (2) hydronyms, (3) helonyms, (4) agronyms, (5) drimonyms, (6) oronyms, (7) hodonyms, (8) names of cemeteries, and (9) other toponyms. Next, the derivation of each toponym is analysed according to the derivational scheme of hydronym classification created by A. Vanagas (Vanagas 1970). After the derivation of each toponym is evaluated, the derivational types of toponyms in Kriukai Valsčius are evaluated statistically, and the derivational tendencies of each toponymical subgroup are analysed. The derivational analysis of toponymy in Kriukai Valsčius shows peculiarities of naming typical for this region. Naming of different objects is closely related to dialect lexis. Toponyms present the landscape of this region too. Folk etymology and some historical facts are given together with the derivational analysis of toponyms.