Kupiškis artificial lake and its geographical position

Santa Neimanaitė

The goal to analyse and reveal the impact of Kupiškis artificial lake on the landscape of the area and its population is raised. First of all, geographical conditions–geographical position, characteristics, surface and soils, climate, flora and fauna–of the artificial lake and its environs are reviewed. Then it is described how and when the lake was formed, how the bottom of the future water body was prepared, which works had to be done and what was the purpose of this dammed lake. To present more detailed description of the landscape in the area of Lake Kupiškis, the material collected, studied and described by regional researchers about the bottom of the future lake is used. Based on different sources and interviews of local people, the analysis showed how this lake changed the life style of the people, their leisure time, and their reaction to the birth of a large water body. After the lake is formed, various festivals are organised at its coasts more often. Sand beaches and resorts were arranged for people to enjoy using this large water body. Now Lake Kupiškis is recognised as having the richest fish faunas in all artificial lakes of Lithuania, therefore the present article describes Lake Kupiškis as a place loved by anglers. Using maps compiled at different time, and working with the ArcMap computer software, some more detailed changes are fixed in the area of Lake Kupiškis and described in the present article.