The names of plants in the Panemunėlis dialect

Aurelija Gritėnienė

The article presents a detailed analysis of one lexical-semantic group of words–popular names of plants used in the Panemunėlis dialect. The text deals with lexical dialectisms–the words characteristic only of one dialect or sub-dialect. The purpose of the article was to reveal geography of words. Working in this way all plant names collected in Panemunėlis parish were compared with the material available in The dictionary of the Lithuanian Language and its card index, as well a other sources. According to the spreading of words, four groups of names can be distinguished: (1) words known well in a major part of Lithuania, (2) names used it the dialect of Aukštaičiai (highlanders), (3) names known in the dialect of eastern Aukštaičiai, (4) names used only in the Rokiškis region. Moreover, the article indicates origin of words, their semantic and derivational motivation, words novelty or oldness.