The log-boats in Lake Plateliai as the target of experimental archaeology 

Klaidas Perminas

The research done in the summer of 2006 on the scientific project “Senieji Platelių luotai” (Olden Log-boats in Lake Plateliai) is described in the article. The representatives of Žemaitija National Park and Klaipėda University took part in the project, the main aim of which was to build replicas of two 15th-16th c. log-boats (dugouts) found in the lake of Plateliai. Before building the replicas, detailed measurements and photo-documentation of the original log-boats exhibited in the Lithuanian Sea Museum and the Plateliai Manor Barn-Museum had been done. While building the replicas, mainly the authentic tools typical of analogous work in olden times were used. The replicas were tested in Lake Plateliai. Different characteristics of the replicas–stability, draught, manoeuvrability, speed, displacement, etc.–were evaluated and documented. The research provided definitely valuable scientific information about the history of Plateliai town and the log-boat navigation.