Geological section of Gandinga Mound

Algirdas Gaigalas

The geological section of Gandinga Mound shows occurrence of Pleistocene till beds of 5 different ages. They fill and cover the old valley trenched in the Prequaternary Jurassic rocks and deposits. The till beds occur gently inclined north-westwards in a direction of deepening buried valley.

The outcrops of Babrungas show till strata of the Upper Pleistocene Nemunas glaciation Grūda and Baltija stages as well as those of the Middle Pleistocene Medininkai glaciation. The till beds seen in the outcrops belong to the bottom and base till genetic subtypes, as well as to the phasal, oscillatory and ice lobe tills. The glaciers, which laid the till beds, advanced from the Baltic Sea depression moving from the west to the east or from the north-west to the southeast.