The setup and development of the Ramygala ridged-hummocky landscape

Rimvydas Kunskas

The paper deals with the specificity of structure and development of historical landscape in relation to Lithuanian geology and geography problems with the geological information deduced into the region and locality; new geological and stratigraphic material obtained by the author during his expeditions is used; development models published by other researchers are critically evaluated; aspects of changes in soils, formation of bogs and rivulets are discussed.

Based on scientific investigations done, the author reveals that all sedimentary strata of the Ramygala landscape and Nevėžis plain are rather impressive and that they are underlain by crystalline basement of granite and granitic gneisses rocks. The paper presents description of a longitudinal structure of the eastern part of the Ramygala–Uliūnai ridge; moreover, the bogs, lakes, rivers, soils, forests and local villages in the Ramygala area have also got serious attention in the paper.