Cultural activities in Ramygala

Inga Pečeliūnienė

Cultural activities in Ramygala area during different historical periods is analysed in the paper. People who spread widely the name of Ramygala are presented; cultural activities of its contemporary population is described on the basis of the questionnaire, as well as performing polling and determining cultural demands of local people.

The paper presented in three chapters is based on the data available at the Ethnographic Museum of Ramygala Gymnasium, as well as from the Panevėžys District newspapers (Tėvynė, Sekundė, and Panevėžio Balsas), Soviet Lithuanian press (such magazines as Tarybinė Moteris, Moksleivis, Liaudies Kultūra, etc.).

Chapter 1 describes the geographical position of the Ramygala area, origin of its name, historical and cultural environment, relations of people, cultural enterprises and organisations in Ramygala at the start of the 20th century; cultural life during the Soviet period is discussed. Chapter 2 presents cultural peculiarity of Ramygala town, changes in cultural life after the restoration of the Independence of Lithuania, as well as people who heralded the name of Ramygala in the world. Chapter 3 presents the polling data, with cultural demands of the Ramygala people revealed.