Ramygala area family customs: wedding, birthday parties, raising children and socialisation

Rasa Račiūnaitė-Paužuolienė

The goal of the paper is to discuss the family customs in Ramygala area and their local peculiarities from the end-19th c. to the 20th c. The basic source of the present work is the ethnographic field material collected by the author during individual expeditions in 1985-2012 in Ramygala and its area. The ethnographic material is collected by filling an author’s created questionnaire The Role of A Woman in Family Traditions about the customs of birthdays, baptism, raising and socialisation of children as well as weddings. The following field investigation methods have been used: conversation; structured and comprehensive interview; and polling of older and well-informed people. To analyse the material collected, the historical comparative and interpretative methods have been applied.

Generalisation of the material collected enabled to distinguish local peculiarities in family customs of the Ramygala area.

The measures used in raising and educating children are discussed; they revealed the peculiarities in folk pedagogy and children socialisation in the area of Ramygala. These measures helped to raise a diligent, sensitive, fair and honest human, as well as to form person’s world outlook based on universal human and Christian values.