The harmony of the Catholic Church's spiritual approach to the family and the process of socialization in Lithuania and in my Kelmė – in the homeland parish

Kęstutis Ralys

In many European countries it comes to the family as an institution crisis. But still alternates to respond to it. It is recognized that family crisis causes severe demographic challenge, which in turn evolves into a variety of social problems. If no action is taken, at a very sad consequences. About family values not only by politicians. Catholic Church documents a family crisis that is very common. Pope John Paul II also spoke a lot about the prevailing „divorce mentality“, which he called one of the greatest ills of modern man.

During an international conference on „Family today: values, issues, outcomes“ in our Cardinal A. J. Backis noted that „the family is one of the most painful problems, which should draw the eyes of society, the Church, the State. Our environment is unfavorable for family life: is persistently consumerist mentality, loss of a family concept, overlooking the family as a community of love and life, prosperity. „According to Cardinal, the family has to deal with the eternal conflict with the values of the outlook, which is trying to establish laws, making it legal freedom without responsibility and moral grounds. Cardinal A. J. Backis noted that the European Union's fundamental values of the family is very understated, more laws under the auspices of a partnership rather than a marriage, increased support for illegitimate children, single parents, rather than harmonious family. „The Church defends both human and family rights“, – said the cardinal.

John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Professor Paolo Terenzo identifies four main factors that characterize a family of educational assignment problems in modern society: the unity between the different poles of the lack of education, lack of self-confidence of parents, church and state aid reduction in challenging conditions of modern training systems. According to prof. Mr. Terenzo, the essence of education – to help the newly atėjusiam the world to answer questions about the meaning of life.“

Christianity recognizes that the family is not the only possible human aspiration. The importance of fostering positive chastity, as well as the desire for lifelong intended exclusively for the service of God. But all the time stressed that in terms of the relationship between two people who are more than friendship, marriage commitment is the space where they can mature and overcome challenges.