Church bells in Kazlų Rūda Valsčius

Libertas Klimka

The paper deals with the attribution of bells in some wooden churches (Kazlų Rūda, Ąžuolų Būda and Višakio Rūda) in the area of the former Kazlų Rūda Valsčius (rural district). After a brief description of the features of the history of bells, specific campanological data of the listed church bells are provided, and their manufacturers are identified. The artistic, historical and memorial value of these liturgical items is emphasized. The findings suggest that most of these church bells were not intended for them, and they were received from other sanctuaries or acquired as compensation for those taken to Russia during the war. The unique bell founded in 1683 by Koenigsberg master M. W. Päter (Petraus) and kept in the Višakis Rūda parish museum is of the greatest historical and artistic value. It was ordered by the Pacai family for some shrine in this region. The whole of bells of the area discussed interestingly represents the complex history of campanology in Lithuania.