The musical lexis in the Kupiškėnų žodynas dictionary

Violeta Černė

Based on the material taken from Kupiškėnų žodynas (I-IV), an explanatory dialectical dictionary by Klementina Vosylytė, the musical lexis has been discussed, i.e., names of traditional and round dances, musical instruments, names of musicians and singers, verbal units of lexis, such as verbs of playing, dancing, singing, as well as musical phraseologies. Using some examples from the dictionary, the relevance of music to a human, his inclination to party, singing, dancing, playing, his approach to a song, a singing or playing person is revealed. The material discussed is partly compared to the lexis of the common Lithuanian language and other dictionaries, e.g., Dabartinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas (Modern Lithuanian Dictionary), Frazeologijos žodynas (Phraseology Dictionary).