Remembering Algirdas Julius Greimas

Karolis Rimtautas Kašponis

Nearly all the first decade of life of Algirdas Julius Greimas passed in Kupiškis; therefore a brief description is given about the early activities and life of his parents as related to Suvalkija and Užnemunė area. Born in Tula (Russia) and moved to Kunigiškis and later Kupiškis together with his parents, Algirdas J. Greimas grew in a cultured educated family. His father Julius was a teacher at the Kupiškis progymnasium (secondary school), and his mother Konstancija worked as a clerk in the same school. A turn of Algirdas J. Greimas for studies and his capabilities showed up soon: to finish the primary school it lasted only two years for him. He liked reading and was among the best students of the school. He kept company with peers–he used to be a groomsman, and his friend Felicija Jakutytė a bridesmaid at the weddings of Kupiškis people. The customs of Kupiškis people, rich art traditions and beauty of the nature environs left deep traces in the heart of a child for all his life. A. J. Greimas describes very positively the morning of his life.