A punitive action against Onuškis Valsčius people accused of collaboration with the Soviets

Andrius Tumavičius

The paper deals with the revenge action organised in response to the deportations in July of 1945; the action during the night from August 4 to August 5 had been performed by partisans in the nearby districts of Onuškis (Trakai County) and Daugai (Alytus County). During this operation, dozens of people had been put to death. The deportation of Lithuanian people on July 17, 1945 and the attitude of partisans towards those complicit are also discussed. The details of punitive operations about their preparation and execution are described. The squads of partisans, which dealt with these operations, are determined and some partisans involved are identified. It is revealed that there were 20 families affected by the punitive actions and 34 persons put to death.