The singing tradition in the Ramygala area

Daiva Vyčinienė

The research area of the article is the singing folklore in the area of Ramygala, the circumstances of its existence, and the peculiarities of its performance. In particular, the author of the article discusses in detail the features that reflect the local singing tradition and the individuals of the singing families, as well as the whole kin who contributed a lot to the survival of the singing tradition of Ramygalians, who were known not only in their own village, but also in the neighbouring ones. In the village of Uliūnai, one such family was Račiūnai, where 7 children grew up: 5 brothers and 2 sisters. All they were singers. Such families usually sang not only the songs of their time, but also those that they naturally adopted from the repertoire of their parents (grandparents). Thanks to such families and their members, many songs of various layers have remained in people's memory until our days.