Historical oeconyms in the area of Šeduva

Vidas Garliauskas

The names of dwelling places or oeconyms in the area of the former Šeduva Valsčius are described in the paper, including chronology of their appearance, gender and alternation; different names of the same site are also discussed, as well as some peculiarities in spelling and usage of oeconyms are commented. Some etymologies of oeconyms are presented with brief discussions of their sources: so-called Files of Place Names („Vietovardžių bylos“) stored at the Lithuanian Language Institute, the 1556 Inventory of the Upytė Valsčius, and the 17th century Šeduva Parish Register, Ignacy Hołowiński's register compiled in 1854, as well as the Lithuanian parish registers from the beginning of the 20th century.