Tumuli in the area of Užpaliai: new findings

Andra Simniškytė

The Iron Age tumuli in the area of Užpaliai have been discussed in the paper. Without reiteration of the well-known data, the attention was paid to the newest findings related to the Iron Age tumuli. The analysis of the material collected during the excavation of the Užpaliai tumulus in 1998 is the core of the paper. There are five mounds in the tumuli group with two of them have been studied in 1998. The paper presents the structure of the tumuli, the arrangement of graves, and the shroud detected there.

The burnt dead were found to be buried in the Užpaliai tumuli from the 5th or 6th to the 8th centuries or maybe later. The tumuli studied are found to belong to the East Lithuanian tumuli culture area; however, certain non-specific features (elongated barrow, shield-shaped fittings), which are typical of long tumuli culture in the Dnepr and Daugava area have also been observed.