A problem about attribution of Vaiguva subdialect: Raseiniai or Varniai subdialects

Daiva Vaišnienė

The paper deals with the problem of attribution of Vaiguva subdialect, because some sources attribute it to the South Samogitians of Raseiniai area, while others to those of Varniai. Since the prevalence of Raseiniai subdialect in present-day subdialect is stated, from synchronicity viewpoint this subdialect should be attributed to the Raseiniai type. Sometimes, as in entire border area, the adjacent Varniai forms can be facultatively used, but it is doubtful they could become prevailing ever. Maybe, narrowing of nasal diphthongs as clear distinctive feature of Varniai and Raseiniai types had been neglected some time ago in order to expand the area of Raseiniai subdialect type. However, it is difficult to find confident proof, since the narrowing always was very inconsistent (this would indicate both the old vanishing feature, and that obtained from another subdialect). Moreover, this attribution to the Varniai type is proposed only by some investigators, which are inclined to consider this area as transitive one.